Keep HOPE alive in HEART

Hope starts as a tiny flame; a pilot light in our psyche; a distant light at the end of the tunnel. If we concentrate on our tiny flicker of hope, it will grow exponentially. We activate the awesome power of the Law Of Attraction when we fan the flames of hope, bringing all of our attention to nurturing its energy. Concentrating all of our will on hope kicks fear and doubt to the curb; it leaves no room for worry and it throws the doors open to limitless possibility. Hope is the key to finding peace in the darkest of times.

Know that whatever is going on for you, dawn will come. No matter how dark, employ hope to bring the light. If things are going well, they are about to get even better. Dawn is coming to shed light on every aspect of your life. There is a new beginning close at hand, and you can ready yourself by filling your thoughts with hope and faith. 

In ancient Egyptian times it was thought that the sun was the God Ra, who was their creator God, and the Sun was the representation of all that he created. The sun represented light, nurturing growth and warmth. Ra was considered the creator God of everything. The sun, although getting a bit of a bad rap lately as far as overexposure on our skin and various problems that can create; is vital for our existence. It is also mandatory for us to get a certain amount of sunlight for our general health and well being. If you are feeling down; seek some direct sunllight, it is a natural mood enhancer!

Keep the flames of hope alive in your heart always. Know that the Universe will provide and that the sun is your beacon of light. 



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