Blessings are here

A blessing bestowed, what more can we ask for? How can it get any better than that? We ask and we receive. Maybe we feel that we have been asking and asking and nothing has changed. This is your sign. Things are about to change. Your gift is on it’s way to you now. It will be exactly what you need when you need it.

Sometimes gifts come in unmarked packages. Sometimes it takes us a bit to realize… to fully unwrap the blessing. Maybe it’s not exactly what we expected. Maybe we had other plans; we thought we could control how and when it would show up. This gift requires faith and trust. Trust that everything will somehow fall into place. Faith that the Universe will, as always, provide.

Our part is in the receiving. The appreciation. The gratitude. The opening up to something new.

It’s seeing that the gift is indeed Heaven Sent. Knowing that we are worthy. Acknowledging that this is perfect synchronicity and Divine timing.

Your gift is here, find it with all of your senses.



5 responses to “Blessings are here”

  1. So beautifully written Dear 👌🌷🙏 Gifts giving and taking grace wishes by God’s Grace 🌷🙏♥️Blessed Sunday 👏🍁

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    1. Blessings and gratitude to you today and new week ahead beautiful soul 🧚🙏😃🌹❤️

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      1. Thank you so much for blessing and so welcome 🙏 🌷♥️
        Have a lovely Monday dear 👏♥️🌷

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      2. So welcome 🌹🙏🏼♥️🌹

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