We are remembering

We may think we are “more than” or “less than” others, but we are all completely equal, it is only perception that creates separation, it is simply an illusion that we we are taught to believe in. There is no right or wrong way to become enlightened or to raise your consciousness. You can get there from where you are right now, or all the way from rock bottom. You can recreate yourself starting today, or you can put it off until tomorrow, but the process will always be there patiently waiting. You are always on the path, but you may be on the scenic route right now, and that is OK. You may decide to hit the highway and expedite the process. Completely your choice. Each door will wait there until you are ready to open it and if you miss one opportunity, keep your mind and heart open to receive the next.

All roads lead back to the Divine. Even the road you are on right now. Even the one you are considering taking. Even the one that scares you. Even the one that seems like the easy way out. Even the one so hard it takes your breath away.

All of them.

All you need to do right now is find your Light. Fill your heart with Love and decide to let in the Light. 

Because that is all there really is.


and Light

And that’s why we came here. To experience it from a physical perspective. But we got here and forgot. And now we are remembering. We are seeing the Light. We are feeling the Love. From every aspect of the Universe, every cell. 

It’s so perfect and so beautiful this process. 

You are on the right road.

See your light.



2 responses to “We are remembering”

  1. See your light! Excellent advice. ❤️❤️❤️

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