Win big .. suit up .. let it go

Last night I closed my eyes for much needed meditation time. In an instant, I beheld the image of an angel in sneakers, a ball cap, toting a clip board, and sporting a whistle. The angel handed me a jersey. “Suit up, Coach says you’re in!” “Oh, what position?” I asked, quite curious. “You’re in co- creator. This isn’t practice…it’s your life. Let’s cover a few basics. What does a quarter back do to the football to pass it for a touchdown?” “Um, let it go?” “Good. What does a forward do with a hockey puck to score a goal?” “Let it go?” “Yes. What does a pitcher do with a baseball to throw a perfect game?” “Oh, let it go?” “Great. Now what are YOU going to do with the doubt, perfectionism, and fear that you’ve let lurk around in your heart” “Well, how about I LET IT GO!” And the crowd went wild! Heaven wins again!

Today, win big. Suit up with the angels, look at fear, and let it go! Swoosh!


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