Perfect timing

From the point of View of the Timeless Whole, what you think of as past and future and present all exist as the timeless now. We understand that when your mind is accustomed to making all decisions as though linear time were the only perspective, this sounds nonsence

So, from your own experience, just acknowledge that timing can be so important—whether in telling a joke, or taking a turn off a flooded road, or deciding when to suggest a meeting or a marriage. Think of the actions that you seemed to take in “perfect timing”, and ask for the Inner Timeless Awareness to guide you in, and to, more moments of that perfect timing.

Opening to that will help you say the right thing at the right time, be in a good place at a good time, and understand when you hear an inner calling to move, to change, to love.

Love wants to guide you with Perfect timing. Please let It.



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