Finding balance within

When we find balance within ourselves, we can expect to see thing balance out around us, this is how the Universe works. We must balance our masculine and feminine energies; in ourselves, and in our lives. This means that we must find our sovereignty, our Truth. We must step into our power fearlessly. We must be direct and honest, but not aggressive or manipulative. We must be creative without being scattered, and we must find our sensuality without it having to be overtly sexual. Balance. Harmony.

When we balance the energies within ourselves and our lives, it will cause a ripple effect. We will no longer have men against women. We will no longer need to fear for ourselves and our lives as women, as minorities. We cannot see ourselves as victims in our own lives and not expect that mind set to affect everything around us. We must release all the old fear, the old programs that tell us that we are weak, we need taking care of, we are less than, or that we should live in fear… or be feared.

When Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine come together it is in perfect balance and harmony. There is common ground; there is a meeting of the Souls; there is a deep understanding. Where one ends the other begins. They are not the same, but they revere each others differences and meet them with Love. Hearts are open, Souls are bared. Fear is needless. This is when the co-creation of something brand new begins.

Looking around us now, we seem so very far from there. So instead of looking so far outwards, look inside instead. Heal it there first. Then heal it within your closest relationships. With each ripple outwards, a profound difference will be made. Do the work and reap the benefits for All.

It is time to come together.



4 responses to “Finding balance within”

  1. Yes, i saw follow only . Now I press following , so it’s ok !! Your photo
    Don’t have your bio there 🌷
    Thank you for this lovely comment message and happy weekend 🌷🙏🌷

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  2. Few days I never received posts, now saw:)
    Very true that our life want balancing , and so beautifully
    Explained via this post and Divine advice and I’m feeling so
    Peaceful read the article 👌🙏 grace wishes and Happy
    Weekend 👏 thank you 🌷🥀

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    1. That’s very strange , not sure why . You were missed .. glad it brings peace to soul .. blessings returned to you ten- fold and more beautiful heart xx 🧚🙏🌹❤️


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