***** guides jump in reminding us that the universe is CONSTANTLY showering you with gifts , the problem arises when so many offerings go unnoticed and therefore unaccepted. JOY guides are always on hand though acting as your messengers to help correct this problem . They ask that you start to count blessings , day after day , taking care not to miss any or take them for granted.

Your JOY guides are happy in showering you with gifts , and encourage you to expand your hearts capacity to receive all that they have to offer , start each morning by asking them to surprise you with something wonderful during the day . Then, just before going to bed , list all the wonderful things they have given you today , see how the list grows longer and longer each day , their own lyrics request is that YOU acknowledge these offerings and thank them , their message is open your heart and expect good things to come .

Remember your thoughts are the building bricks , everything begins with a thought , add a little creativity to that thought and you have imagination… equal magic . Every castle starts as a castle in the air , this image is then grounded you architects and builders . Angels now Invite you to use the power of your creative imagination to EXPAND your horizons and picture the life you

want .. get it. Hold that vision ,the angels then see the clarity of that vision ,the intention is out there which then opens doors to help you , angel wisdom here guides you to decide your desired outcome , be certain to have the purest

intentions, then image your dreams

which start the process of creation .

Find quiet space when you can and look within , sometimes here not always easy when 2 fur babies are running around all day ,

When can find time and space for YOU it gives opportunities to recuperate from life,s challenges , to reflect on ways ahead , strengthen yourself and prepare for the next phase of your life , during these times you can become aware of your gifts , your inner reserve and your own wisdom , it’s time for healing , Quieten your emotions , ask for your angels wings to enfold around you and provide you with a safe haven in which to relax in then listen to the promptings of your angels inspiring and guiding you .

Your mind is a great creator , and your imagination is its toolbox if you like , everything in life begins with the energy of imagination , thoughts are real , and can manifest themselves into the physical world , train your mind to only have positive thoughts , and you will attract positivity Into your life , if you can see it , you can be it , visualise the components that you want and add those thoughts with love and they will become your reality , if your mind strays to negative thoughts , you will only bring that energy to you , be positive and loving, let your imagination assist you in letting go of any blocks and allow your dreams to come true , remember you are not doing this for other people , it is your SOUL opening up and singing it’s own unique song.

THIS month exciting opportunities show up into view, angels say now is the time to completely embrace new adventures that present themselves, go for it , yayyy ,

This is a good as time as any to take risks in order to follow them dreams. Universe loves a grateful heart and rewards gratitude with more and more .

Emotional issues evolve to new levels this new month , there’s a sense of peace and calm around , you will know exactly what to do next, and don’t forget when you nurture those around you , take care of you too.

A time now to move in to yourself , the LIGHT is here , ascension means to rise . We are being guided back to light into a space that supports your growth .

Stars can not shine without darkness , we have all been there but this is a new beginning , becoming aware of your growth and it’s Important to cherish this time and realise that without the challenges you have faced, you wouldn’t of been as strong , powerful or focused as you are today . You are ascending personally and spiritually and the universe will support it .

Since your on earth, you understand how buildings are built , yes . A good solid foundation, flexible too, in case of earthquakes , so Wether it be an idea that takes form one step at a time or an actual house that needs a sturdy foundation dug , poured , and built , we want to remind you of this because you might need a little encouragement to see this is true in your life at this time ,

Celebrate the fact that right now you can repair the cracks in the foundation of your life effortlessly , as well as do a general site check to ensure your hard work is being well supported .

Do this and know you are building your life on a perfect and sound foundation that will allow you to welcome the many miracles awaiting you .

Allow your awareness to settle and hear us whispering and encouraging .in this age of consciousness , accept that the paranormal is normal , humans beings are multisensory ,multidimensional beings , spirit infuses all things and your souls job is to discover those essential truths here on earth where we all agreed to play , today trust your spidey sense , read between the lines , tune into the stories behind the stories and your world will show you miracles , spirit loves you , trust the invisible .


Where it appears there is a line or fiber that runs though the crystal is actually where the crystal is self-healed. It is this experience of self-healing that contributes to the Faden Quartz’s ability to assist with your healing process.

When using this for healing purposes, it is best to visualize two things coming together with ease or strong connection. Healing a wound, muscle to bone, ligaments to tendons, joint to socket, a reset bone, etc.

This self-healing and connection can also be used between two people whose relationship has been challenged or where (re)creating a bond is desired. Another way to consider working with this crystal, is when you are trying to reconnect to an aspect of yourself that you have forgotten, buried or abandoned. Many times when we marginalize an aspect of ourselves, it is actually an attempt to protect ourselves. Then we realize that this missing aspect is actually holding us back and instead of keeping it at arms length, must be embraced as part of the whole.

Another way to work with Faden Quartz is to strengthen the Energy Bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). It may assist to connect the Energy Bodies and align, patch and seal the personal energy field that surrounds you! Many Healers will incorporate Faden Quartz into their healing modality specifically for this reason.

When deciding whether or not Faden Quartz is the appropriate crystal to work with or wear; think of words such as resilience, bonding, determination, persistence, acceptance, connection, attraction, adhesiveness! Something that many of us could use!

In Lak`ech Ala K`ìn WE ARE ALL ONE ۞
I Am. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. OM
(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)


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  1. Such a beautiful message. Thank you. ❤️

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    1. Thanking YOU beautiful light for reading and being here … LOVE in ALLways xx 🧚❤️

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