One mind governs all

All things truly True are known to the One Mind that holds them.  When you are weary of seeing or wondering about human truths, or listening to what you know are lies or exaggerations or misinformation or error, turn to the Truth that corrects all things, and declare and claim, “One Mind Governs all, and One Mind wants our happiness to be revealed.

            Simply do it, Love.  Simply do it.



6 responses to “One mind governs all”

  1. So awesome lines to read 👌👍🏻🌷actually it is not so easy to bring mind to one 🙏♥️
    But sure I’ll try to correct my mind with this reminder lines 👍🏻thankyou and take love 👏

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    1. Gratitude you are here .. I attended meditation classes and found hard to turn the chatter off for ages then just shut off and let things come , let things go .. concentrate on breathe then as it goes on it gets easier . To me it’s like a television screen . Things flashing in and out but when piece together it tells a story .. I wish you a beautiful and blessed weekend too .. and of course JOY and LOVE allways 🧚❤️🌹🙏


      1. Thank you so much 🙏🌷 your lovely advice so confidence giving me 🙏🌷❤️🙏

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      2. Thank you and so best weekend dear 🙂

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      3. Gratitude ,, let yours be magical 🧚❤️

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