Cloak of light

When you are empathetic, it is so easy to walk around picking up vibes from everyone else that by the end of the day, you can feel stressed, overwhelmed, sad or anxious and not even know where these feelings came from! This can happen so quickly. Every time you come into contact with someone who is venting anger; road rage; someone who is routinely negative at work; someone who is critical of you or others; someone who is complaining; there are many instances that you will be among negative people that you may not be able to control. If you are very sensitive, you may pick up on people’s subtle energies through their thoughts and not even realize that they are feeling as negative as they are. my favourite crystals to protect from negativity are black tourmaline and obsidian, I will not go into detail about these but they are definitely worth wearing or keeping in your pockets if this is an issue for you.

Archangel Michael will work with you to remove any toxic energies that you may have picked up throughout your day, as well as shielding you with his protective cloak of royal purple light. It’s a great habit to get into to start off your day with shielding, before you even get out of bed. Just imagine a bright white light surrounding you like a beautiful shimmery bubble of love. Intend that this protective field keeps all negative, low vibrational energies out and is permeated only by love and healing vibrations. Keep this bubble in place throughout your day with intention. If you are around someone who feels negative, simply close your eyes and imagine it brighter than ever before. Feel the warmth and love around you. At night, ask Archangel Michael to vacuum your auric field with his bright violet light, removing any trace of negative energies from you immediately and permanently. Then put on your shield again and sleep peacefully.

This simple daily practice will ensure your auric protection and give you back ownership of your vibrational energies; providing you with a pronounced increase in clarity, focus, harmony, peace and joy.



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