Walk and talk with me

You are watching a sweet reality that has already been created in the enormous Mind, if you drop back into the soul and see with your eternal eyes. The perfect tale of you holds all that it needs to see you fulfill your purpose, and have joy along the way. Never fear that you will not have what you need to finish your part, if you but listen and obey that calm, certain Voice within.

It does not matter if you have not spent years memorizing techniques or meditation. If you turn whole heartedly to the only Source and give It your willingness to Love It and be Loved in return, It will put before you the messages, the people, the ideas, the clues, the answers, the support and the strength to complete your mission.

Never fear that you will not have what you need to complete your part of Love. Love loves you. Love made you with Itself. Walk and talk with Love throughout the day, and you are walking in the Garden with Source ,this It made you. And this you can easily do, if you remember it as your purpose. It maintains you, in a way that will feel simply right to you, if you look for the guidance of what feels calm and Good.

Seek simple right and it will be given to you. Never fear that the Mind in every moment cannot give you all that you need to perfectly express your end of the conversation of Love speaking to Love.

“Walk and talk with me,” . Just do it,



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