Expect miracles

“A circumstance or situation in your life that seems unfair to you may actually  be a blessing in disguise. A natural state of balance and justice exists in our world. The universal principle of complimentary opposites known as Yin and Yang, interwoven with the universal law of cause and effect, keep all in life in perfect balance. Though frustrating, the present circumstance is steering you towards a higher purpose and what unfolds from this is a feeling of fulfillment and happiness. At present you cannot see the blessing, so you must be patient. Something beautiful will soon manifest. Surrender any feeling of resentment or frustration and trust. All is unfolding in the most perfect way for you and those around you. Plant little seeds of love and faith now and you will reap a blessed harvest in the months to come.



All is unfolding in the most perfect way for me and others.

All unfolds at the most perfect time.

I am blessed with eternal love and abundance.”*

Often we can find ourselves discouraged if things don’t go “according to plan” as we would like. Although having laser vision in what you desire is important, sometimes we have to focus on what we would like and then let it go; send it out to the Divine. Divine timing and guidance may lead you down a different, and of course much better path. If we don’t let go and trust, we can see this change of direction as an obstacle and get stuck in our heads, frustrated that things aren’t going the way that we envisioned. If we can learn to go with the flow, instead of against it, we just may find ourselves on a path so mind-blowingly better than what we ever thought possible that we will laugh at our limited vision of what we thought possible!

This is a leap of faith; a wholehearted, unshakable trust in the Divine. Believe and you will achieve beyond your wildest dreams! How awesome is that?


Need some help with your faith? Keep up with your affirmations, don’t let doubt set it’s sticky fingers into your thoughts and rob you of your limitless possibility! Ask the Angels for help in transmuting your negative self talk into positive thoughts, beginning in the now.

Lastly, count your blessings of course! When I am really feeling sorry for myself, over something petty and silly that is not life threatening, but simply my own lower energy getting to me, I:

1) Stop, take a moment.

2) Take at least three deep breaths

3) Connect with the first Angel who pops into my head, as they are whispering in my ear at that very moment and wanting to help

4) List off as many things I am grateful for that I can think of: my healthy happy family, my own health and happiness, the Angels, God, the Universe, the community I am part of, the Sun, Moon and Stars, this amazing and beautiful planet.

*IMPORTANT* Insert Affirmations here!! Whenever you are down, doubting, cranky or whatever low energy vibrations you may be experiencing, start with gratitude and move, seamlessly, on to affirmations, PRESENT tense!

Step 5? Expect miracles!



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