Stand your ground

Stand your ground.  You know now the glorious and wondrous way in which the Universe unfolds possibilities and gives you ideas, and gently urges you to a better way of thinking Spiritually, in tandem with It.  You know it is True.  You have experienced It and you have watched others experience It.  In fact, all are experiencing It, even if is at a silent level they do not yet acknowledge.

            You have witnessed the Divine solutions appear, and the healings occur, in yourself and in others.  Now stand your ground in that knowledge.  That knowledge is the sacred ground upon which you must always stand.  So, today, when any try to make you think that human jabbering or unthinking action are the way to proceed, stand your ground.  Act when your Inner Wisdom calmly tells you to act.  Be kind and thoughtful and loving throughout, but stand, stand, stand your ground of knowing Source  is  real and IS with  you

            Let that flow to others.  Let them see you trusting They need Its gift so very dearly. Joy and happiness always



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