When I asked the Angels and my guides for any messages that they wished to share for this week , this is what they said.

There is much beneficial and magical energies available this week ! Use visualization and positive thinking to attract the circumstances and situations that you desire into your life. Happiness and joy raises your vibration and, as such, can bring much success into any area of life that you choose! You have the ability to create your reality!

Education of all kinds are highlighted! Classes, lectures, online or book reading………….any form of learning is extremely helpful as you move forward this week . This is also about spiritual learning………….the learning that your soul experiences with the Universal shifts of energy that are taking place on the planet at this time. Open your mind and allow the inflow of information!

Shield and protect yourself from lower vibrational energies, negative thinking and negative people and situations. Keep yourself surrounded by those energies that are happy, joyful and uplifting as this will assist you in creating the most optimal circumstances that you desire in your life! Use your passion, courage and desire to move forward confidently on your Path!

-angel blessings to ALL


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