Be patient

Be patient when listening for the small still Voice from within you, that is the Consciousness of Heaven.  Be patient when awaiting the feeling of Divine Presence that is always with you, waiting to Guide and Help you.

            Like the translation delay at an international conference, Divine Voice must work Its way past the mind babble to be heard by your listening heart. 

            The Loving Presence of Source reaching past the fears of your thoughts, must sometimes take time to cleanse and clear them, like a trail master clearing the fallen branches on the path after a high wind.

            Be patient, be patient.  Give the Power time to reach your awareness.  If you turn your attention away too soon to material concerns or daily chores, you may miss the benefits of the Blessings Source is eager to give.  Set aside the self and be willingly receptive to the cleansing pace of Spirit.

                                    Many “unanswered prayers” are just impatience blocking the Light.



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    1. Gratitude for sharing your light . Happy you like xx happy holidays 🧚❤️

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