New year reading for 2022


 I love ceremonies and of course, a beginning of a new year is a great reason to celebrate!  A burning bowl ceremony is a wonderful way to ring in the new year with mindful compassion. Taking some moments to reflect is good for your soul. By taking these steps you will find yourself visualizing what you would like to manifest over the coming year.  You will also be amazed how good this past year was! No matter how hard or complicated the year may have been there was some good, and this exercise will help you find that perspective.


• Celebrate The Great Stuff! Look in your life and write down five things that you absolutely LOVE about LIFE! You will find yourself smiling as you write the five awesome ingredients that helped complete you!

•  Just Let Go! If you got something stored inside that is hurting, let it go up in smoke! It helps greatly to write out the tough stuff. It pulls the energy out of you and in burning the paper it sets it to go somewhere else away from you! We let a eco friendly Chinese lantern off

• What makes you happy? Whatever light’s you up, do more of that!  Maybe its crafts, or walking, or board games, or day trips..


New Year’s Day we shall definately be on beach with boys ( aka .) Archie and Riley .. before returning home to a buffet . Make sure your new year will be packed with planned times for your fun! Look inside your life at what does not make you happy. If your job is sucking the life out,  it’s time for a change! There is always a way, look around for your options!

• Got an idea? Go for it!. Your ideas are inspirations that are there for a richer more fulfilling life path. The Universe is waiting for you to say “YES!”.  The Universe will conspire with you for the good stuff to manifest when you put your right foot in front of the other! Make it your goal to write down your ideas when they come and then make a plan of action.


If you have trouble changing your present negative point of view to a positive one, use gratitude as your tool of transformation. Finding things in your life to appreciate, no matter how small, will open the door to receptivity within you. Turn away from lack, and do not allow your focus to step on what is your current reality. Instead, try shifting this point of view for one that focuses on the future you wish to be living as if it is your present state. By focusing on what you want in life, you turn yourself into a magnet for powerfully positive opportunities; drawing towards you all the abundance that you have previously wished for but not believed possible given your typical circumstances! This is the simplicity of the Law Of Attraction; putting out into the world what you want to attract, rather than wishing, hoping and dreaming while all the while blocking your gifts from the Divine with doubts and fear of lack.


Start with some simple manifesting, concentrating at first on things that you really believe you can have. Each time you manifest successfully, celebrate! Be joyous, be thankful; find awe and appreciation in your success and that success will grow! Slowly widen your scope of desire, and watch larger, more transformational opportunities come your way. When you see something you want, imagine how delicious it would feel to have it; see, feel, smell and taste your dream as if it is right there, all yours for the taking. In this way, you will find what is most important to you and use it as your main focus, knowing that if it makes you feel good and light, you are on the right path. You can’t lose, the angels are on your side!!!

Ideas come and are fulfilled and enacted.  Expectations of Joy are held dear and then they are gifted to you.  The very understanding of the Great Love Loving you so much that It wants your steady happiness gives you that happiness.

            You are truly blessed already, and when the moments come when this is known and welcomed and embraced, then it is easy to ask for what needs to be given.  At that point, you also know deep in your soul Self that it is the unseen aspects of Divine Love and Goodness and Truth that are what you are always really asking for.  Ask and you will receive.

            Ask, and you will remember that you and Creation are One.


Do you sometimes feel like no one understands you , your not heard , or even that you don’t count . Let us tell you this is a terrible illusion , because although your feeling may tell you your abandonment is real . Well. We who love you know better . You are ultimately being protected so better things can replace what wouldn’t have worked in the very first place anyway . Everyone on the other side of the veil watches over you and is rooting for your success . Life LOVES you , remember you are a unique spark . Always connected to light and to source . The angels see positive things occurring and this new year is a time to make big and small changes with the knowledge that everything WILL work well for you , old blocks are lifting and everything moves forward now quickly . Recent events of this past year may have shook our faith , now move forward . Archangel Micheal walks besides you through changes . Call him whenever you need specific guidance about your next step .. remember to enjoy time with other people because you all have mUch to give .

Handle challenges with understanding and love and warmth but also with confidence and resourcefulness .

Angelic presence is available at all times . Simply be open and you will feel their presence . This is absolutely the time to spread YOUR wings ..


Sacred traveller wants you to know when you can’t see the road ahead but have faith by your side , shimmering angels support you and guide in unseen ways .

Watch for these signs , your life is guided if you are guided to read this message , know everything is meant for and as should be and the light within you is so bright .

Like lady nada . Who is the light force to help awaken hearts . You deserve the light to EX…. PAND revealing your true self .

Certainly there has been people along your path to shape who you are today , but YOU are solely responsible for your own happiness .

EGO. Can be a fragile thing , if comes under fire the first thing is to blame outside forces , again , this is an illusion , lasting transformation always begins on the inside and works it’s way out ..


Wishing all a happy .. joyful .. new year 2022 . Take time to enjoy yourself . Relax and find your sense of humour . Treat things lightly .

Fun brings lightness of spirit and the most difficult situations can be eased if you see the funny side of things , so cultivate a sense of the ridiculousness ..

Of course when you have fun , angels rejoice , for there is nothing they love more than JOY. PLAY . HUMOUR and LAUGHTER ..

whilst here GRATITUDE to all for all who follow … I bow to you …

Happy new year celebrations 🎉

n Lak`ech Ala K`ìn WE ARE ALL ONE ۞
I Am. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. OM
¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)❤️❤️❤️



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