Law of attraction

The simplest way to understand and work with the Law Of Attraction is knowing that whatever you feel into existence will manifest in that feeling. Yes, sometimes we are pleasantly surprised, but often we are dismayed at our ability to create “more of the same”… yet, are we fully acknowledging our power here? 🧚🧚🧚

Taking full responsibility for how things look at this moment in time?
Or are we feeling like things are “happening TO us”… that we are merely victims of circumstance? 🧚🧚🧚

Imagine getting in your car, hitting the accelerator and throwing the steering wheel out the window! Where would you go? Around in circles? Into the nearest tree or off a cliff? Or maybe you would make it, by some Divine intervention, to somewhere safely. The point is, it would be out of your hands.

Same with your life! If you hand over the steering wheel and take no responsibility what so ever for where you are going, then you have to be ready for whatever comes. If you use your clear intention to direct your course, with the powerful force of your positive emotions propelling you forward in creating, then you won’t even need the car, you will be able to fly!

Know that each step is in co-creation.

You step forward, the Universe comes to meet you.

Steps don’t need to be physical they can be perceptual.
They can be felt, right from the heart.

Step into Joy… even just for a moment. And see what the Universe has to offer.



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