The FLOW of unconditional love

Love is the lifeblood of our very existence in this Universe; yet we often withhold love out of fear, putting conditions and judgement before sending love; forcing people to “qualify” for our healing energies.


This is a large part of the transformational process that we here on Earth are going through right now; learning to drop our guards; learning not to pass judgement; learning unconditional love. Love is light, light raises your vibration and gives you access to more love.


We are all connected;

to each other,

to the Earth,

to the plants and trees and all the creatures on the planet;

we are all one.

We can experience this connection through love, and go beyond and out into the Universe with unconditional love.


Unconditional love is Christ Consciousness; it is the lesson we were and are meant to learn from Jesus himself. Love, acceptance and that everyone be treated as equals; unconditionally loved.


Love comes up from the Earth, Gaia, and love comes down from above, the Universal Source. As above, so below.

Take some time to meditate, asking Jesus and Mother Mary, as well as the Archangels to be with you. Ask to understand the full meaning of unconditional love by having your heart filled with love from the Ascended Masters and Archangels. Imagine filling your heart with so much light and love, that it resembles the picture here radiating out bright rainbows of energy; surrounding the planet and right out into the Universe. Send love to everyone you love,

then everyone you know,

then everyone on the planet,

regardless of their perceived “worthiness” in society. Love can help everyone to heal. As you are sending this love, also be sure to receive the love coming back to you from the Universe; this is the flow of unconditional love. It will raise your vibration beyond what it has ever been, and your consciousness to a whole new level. Every morning before you rise, at every stop light, before every meal, and when you look into your own eyes in the mirror… send love.

And watch it change your world.



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