Possibility to miracles

The Angels have told me that in order for us to receive their help, we must open to the possibility of miracles. In order to receive miracles in our lives, it is extremely helpful if we are open to allowing these miracles to take place, and, most importantly, open to seeing them. The fastest way to go from slammed shut due to worry, fear and doubt is laughter. Laughter opens the heart chakra and IMMEDIATELY raises your vibration, and the good news is.. it is accessible to everyone! And free! The angels are trying to help us see that there is always room for miracles. By giving ourselves the permission to have some lightness and happiness, if even for only a few moments, the door to allowing the miracles is wide open.

If laughter seems too far away right now, start with a smile. They are contagious and you will not only feel better, but you will help someone else feel better too. Then work up to finding something that makes you laugh. Laughter is healing, it is freeing and it is the elixir of joy. Spending time around children is a great way to see the importance of laughing!

Every time you laugh, you release a flow of positive hormones throughout your body that have a lasting effect. You raise your vibration and help those around you to raise theirs. You open yourself to miracles, and really, how can it get any better than that?



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