Please laugh with us

You well know that you can be right in the room with someone you love, and hear them talking, but not really listen to a word he or she is saying, because your thoughts are elsewhere. You well know that the same thing happens to you—that your spouse or friend or family member seems to just not listen to you, although you are speaking right next to them.
Please laugh for us and with us, for we see the humor, in that the same thing happens to us. We are right there with you—the very messages that your own Best Self is trying to make you hear are being whispered right into your heart. Are you listening? Can you stop and focus and listen, tenderly and calmly, right now?
Do not be afraid to hear us, As we have said many times, the primary and underlying thing you will hear from us is “We Love you and are here to support and help you.” Do not be afraid to really, really listen, and feel our Love, and accept the Wisdom and Truth . Source wants you to realize is yours.
It is a glorious thing to realize your authentic Self, and we want to see you do that. It is a wonderful thing to know that you are never alone. We are with you, and will always listen and help you discern between the false and the true.


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