Focus on listening inner voice

We know it cannot be a full day of complete human silence for you, but it can be a day when you try to limit how much you speak.  Let it be a day when you again focus on careful sweet listening to the Divine Inner Voice.
            Instead of “thinking twice before you speak”, think ten times before you speak.
            Not only will that give God Spirit a longer pause within which to guide you in exactly what to say, but it will give you a vacation from the chatter that does not satisfy.

Silence can be so restful,



2 responses to “Focus on listening inner voice”

  1. Very true lines ‘ thinking twice before talk ‘ thank you and happy Thursday 🌷🙏♥️👌😊

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    1. Gratitude as always for light and wishing you a blessed and JOYful Thursday LOVE in always 🧚❤️🙏🌹


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