Giving and receiving

 In the flow of giving and receiving, all is fair when it is in the flow of Divine Source energy. You have given selflessly of yourself and your resources, and this is now coming back to you. Be receptive to the help or gifts that are offered to you now. Open your heart and step beyond the fears that you may “owe” someone something or that you may not deserve what is coming your way. Use the Law Of Attraction to draw to you with ease and grace what it is that you desire; keeping the intention for the highest good of all concerned. 

Sometimes we block ourselves by focusing on the lack of what it is that we so desire. We look at what is not there, and focus on what is missing. This is an opportunity to move past lack and into expectation; focusing on what it is that you DO want to come to you; and how you will feel when it does! Using emotion fuels your manifestation skills by telling the Universe how joyful you are and will be when you attract your dreams. It puts positive, high frequency vibrations out which literally draw in your dreams and magnetically bring them right to you. Believe in yourself, that you are worth every gift. Believe in your Angels, that they will help you facilitate your dreams and desires and Divinely guide you to where you need to be in order to receive. Breathe deeply to signal to your body and mind that you are in a receptive state. 

Then, get super excited! Do a happy dance, laugh, sing and get butterflies! Abundance is here! Miracles are everywhere! Your dreams are coming true? Can you feel it; see it; breathe it in? Can you hear your angels applauding you, and singing with joy and sending you infinite love? Definitely worth smiling for!



3 responses to “Giving and receiving”

  1. So lovely explained how giving and receiving 🌷🙏👍🏻 so glad to read these sentences , thank you 🌷🙏♥️🌷

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    1. Thanking you … enJOY your weekend ahead .. much much LOVE abounding to you blessings in ALLways 🧚❤️❤️❤️

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      1. Most welcome and Thank you for lovely wishes 🌷🙏♥️🌷
        Happy weekend 👏💐

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