Let it all go

It takes strength not to compromise ourselves in order to gain approval. It takes guts to stand up for ourselves, our rights and our values. It takes commitment to stick to our guns and refuse to back down when something is really important to us. And it also takes strength to give up and walk away when things just aren’t right. 

This ascension process is one that we go through collectively, yet in many ways we go it alone. We are all on different paths; all leading to the One. But we may take a little longer; we may double back a few times; or we may be on the fast track and get there way ahead of the others. There is no wrong way. 

Remember that you simply cannot drag someone along with you who just isn’t there yet. You can encourage them and cheer them on. To a point. You can take on a leadership role and step forward fearlessly onto your own path and inspire them to step onto theirs. But you cannot control the outcome. They will get there. In their own sweet time. Let it all go. 

Be the very best version of you that you can be… for you. Find your joy. Find your passion. Find your love and your light.

And be those beautiful aspects of you. 

All else will follow.



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