Happy chi balls

Something for you to record and listen too at own pace

Happy Chi Balls

✨Relax✨Close your eyes✨Feel the happiness✨Feel the vibrations of happiness in your body✨Concentrate on those vibrations✨Take your hands two feet apart, feel the energy of happiness in between your hands in the form of ball, taking them a little forward and backward to feel the energy in your divine hands.✨Collect the moments of happiness and see them in the ball. See yourself more happy, intent all happiness to the beautiful golden chi ball in your hands.✨Visualize a big Aum in the ball.✨Reiki healers can apply the symbols (Cho Ku Rei, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Sei Hei Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Cho Ku Rei) or the symbols they are attuned to. Non Reiki healers can draw big Aum on the Chi ball.✨Hold the Chi ball for some time in your hand. Keep transmitting the happiness energy to the Chi ball.✨Bring both hands together the palms facing upwards gently ascend the ball to space. ✨Keep watching till it disappears.✨You have created your Happiness Chi Ball. Open your eyes with a broad smile.

These Chi balls work as reservoirs and can be called back at any time, at any part of world. Whenever we feel low in energy just call these Happiness Chi Balls from the space to get energy and happiness out of them.

So lets take a vow from now onwards we will not let go our happy moments without acknowledging them, without storing them. We will not waste this high frequency energy and will collect this energy in the form of Chi balls. We can also send these Happiness Chi Balls to our friends, family and to whomsoever need the energy.

How to Receive Happiness Chi Balls

* Concentrate on Third Eye (Anjna chakra)

* Call the Chi ball. Say I am receiving the Happy Energy Chi Ball.

* Visualize the golden energy entering your forehead and transcending down the whole body, making it glow with the happiness energy.

* Feel the happiness energy of that very moment when you created the Chi ball. Be happy and remain happy with these Happiness Chi Balls.

Stay blessed … OM MANI PADME HUM🙏


2 responses to “Happy chi balls”

  1. So divine mantras read this beautiful post and thank you for sharing 🌷🙏♥️🌷grace wishes 👏

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    1. Wishing you a beautiful and blessed new month wonderful soul *🧚❤️❤️❤️. LOVE


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