How could it get any better than this

trust the Universe to provide us with abundance in every aspect of our lives. When we withhold information, knowledge, love, or anything from the material world from others, we suffer as much as they do. We get caught up in thinking that someone might “steal” our ideas, or that there is “not enough to go around.” We may feel we need to compete with others to be “better” than they are and suffer from a sense of fear of our self worth. We then project these beliefs out into the Universe, and the Universe provides what we are vibrating to, we get more of the same. 🧚🧚🧚

When we step into the Light, we know with conviction that the Universe is abundant; that our skills are unique and valid; and that there will always be more than enough to go around. And again, the Universe provides us with an experience of this miraculous abundance.
If we are not clear in what we desire, we are reminded that help is available. 🧚🧚🧚

If you are not sure what is possible, steer clear from saying things like “what’s the worst that could happen?” or “What could possibly go wrong?” Instead, ask the Universe “How could it get any better than this?” or “What else is possible?” Ask for guidance, and surrender to the best possible outcome for the highest good of all.

And so it is.



3 responses to “How could it get any better than this”

  1. Thank you! And I shared on Facebook and Twitter.

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    1. Gratitude in allways appreciated .. sending infinite LOVE 🧚❤️. Namaste 🙏❤️

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      1. Namaste 🧚🕯❤️

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