The imaginer day 1

A dream came to all the children of the world…From East to West, as nighttime fell, each child heard a message.

“I will come to you in your dreams, soon, to teach you. Be ready!” The next day all the older children realized they’d had the same dream. “I dreamed

last night that a voice said it would come to teach me.” “So did I!” “Really? I did, too!”

The adults thought the children were making it up, as a joke. “No one can speak to all children in one night! Do you think we are foolish enough to believe such nonsense?”

Night after night, the older children waited. They had trouble falling asleep, and slept fitfully. But…no voice. Had it all been a crazy rumor? Something they’d convinced themselves to believe? No. They had to trust that the voice would return.

Finally, one night, the message again swept across the Earth. A shimmering form appeared to the youths and spoke.

“I have come to teach you the secrets of life on this Earth, and how to acquire anything that you wish.”

Though their physical bodies slept, the children were awake to this dream. “How can you do that?” they asked, eagerly.

“There are many things you do not yet understand,” said the flickering figure. “But, soon you will learn.”

“Is it okay to tell our parents?” one of the younger children asked.

“You should be able to tell your parents anything,” said the image. “But, do not expect them to believe you. They have been told for too long that the world is only about that which they can prove with their five senses. Do not worry that they will not listen. It is not your job to save them. All will be called, in their time.”

The shimmering face then told the children to relax and listen to their first lesson. “Your first lesson will be important – but brief. I do not wish for you to be overwhelmed with too much knowledge, at the beginning. We will build upon each block, until you have the whole. Your first lesson is:

INTENT – not “Want.” “Intend to achieve that which you desire, until it is so. Never

want. Want is the perpetual state of not attaining. You can only “want” what you do not have. So, then, you can never have what you “want.” You may enjoy what you now have, but you no longer “want” it. Do you see that want is always in the future? Therefore, if you “want” something, you are confirming to the Universe that the thing is always just beyond your grasp!

So, intend to receive or achieve things. Desire them. State that you will experience them. But, when you catch yourself saying you “want” something – stop! – and rephrase your intention. “Want” is passive. You wish the thing would come to you, but you are powerless. That is the message of want.

Intent is active. You will bring about what you desire! Soon you will learn just how to do this…

Dream, now. And when you have absorbed this, I will return with the next Lesson

As predicted, the adults did not believe the children had been taught in their sleep. The youngsters were certain, however, that it was true. Too many saw and heard the same vision. Their minds grappled with the idea of wanting something meaning it was always out of reach.

After many weeks of trying very hard not to say, “I want…” – they heard the voice in their sleep…

continued tomorrow ……………..


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