The imaginer day 2

THE IMAGINER CONT …….. day 2 of 13

You are now ready for your second Lesson…”

MYSTERY of diversity – “You cannot know yourself, without something to compare
yourself to. If, tonight, someone blindfolded you and left you in a strange room – you would have no idea where you were in relation to the walls of the room…until you ran into them! Then, you have something to compare your position to. Even in blackness, you could learn the room – if you could compare your position to other things.

So, imagine yourself as existing before anything else in the Universe. Alone, floating in the darkness. How would you know what you were? You’d have nothing to compare yourself to. Even if you created a physical world, you could only watch what it was like to live in it. You could not experience it yourself. How sad would that be?

Unless…you agreed to enter the physical world yourself! But, when you know the end of a mystery, do you really experience the build up to that end? No. You must be reading or hearing it for the first time, to feel caught up in it.
This is why we agreed to forget who we are, and why we’re here! To get a true taste of life in a world that includes death. In time you will remember. You will no longer fear. There is an immortal you that cannot die, or even be scarred. The whole had to split into many individuals, and experience differences, to truly know itself. All of our experiences will be added to that whole, when unified again. But, for now, realize that we forgot so well that we often become trapped in our illusions. Time appears real. We appear to be separate individuals. There appear to be shortages. We appear to be poor. We appear to die. These are all experiences to be had, so that we will all know them when we are rejoined.

However, if you find yourself in an undesirable one of these experiences or states, you will soon see that you do not have to stay there. You will learn to change your world, by mastering the creator inside you.

Dream now, and when you have absorbed this, I will return with your next Lesson…”

This was much more complex than just trying not to want! Isn’t time real? Don’t people die? Things were getting more confusing than clear. But, finally, deep inside the children just trusted that it would all make sense when they heard the rest.
That is when the vision returned to them, and said…

Continued tomorrow …………..


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