The IMAGINER day 6 of 13


You are now ready for your sixth Lesson…”

NAME – “When we agreed to be individuals, to experience a physical world, we

agreed to forget that we were ever One. When you reach the proper point in your spiritual development, you will begin to remember. But, for now, know that we are One – and the name of the One is I AM. I AM is the ‘One made up of the Many.’ This is why when asked by a friend to describe any vision you are imagineering, from its completion, you will start with, ‘I am…’

As in, ‘I am living in a new home.’ ‘I am holding my new pet cat.’ ‘I am a famous scientist.’ I AM is the immortal in us all, and it is our imagination. This is all our gift to use – consciously or unconsciously. Never envy another for what they envisioned for themselves. There are no ‘others’. Everyone is you, and you are them. Remember, what you do to them, you do to yourself.

Many would say it is dangerous to tell the young there is no such thing as absolute right and wrong. Right and wrong are functions of morality, and moral codes change over time. What is considered normal at one time, often later becomes appalling – as we grow in awareness.

In truth, there is only one Truth. You will awaken to the realization that you annexed a physical body for these experiences you are now having, but you are more than this body. Keep in mind the experiences you are having will be shared by all, for eternity. Let this guide you, as you make choices in your life.

There are those who have said that you can sin against the name of this I AM. To I AM, nothing is impossible – and you are a part of this. So, how can you sin? To say you cannot grow toward your spiritual perfection – that you are forever stuck in the present state you are in. To know that imagineering could change the life of another, but imagine for him not. Remember, he is you. You would have turned your back on yourself, and in doing so, all of the One.

Dream, now. When you have absorbed this, I will return with the next Lesson…”

So, that was the trick! Use imagining to lighten the burdens of others. That practice would surely build their skills enough to bring about their own desires, right? The children set about each day, remembering to envision happiness for anyone they met.

That is when the voice returned, and said…

Continued tomorrow …………….


3 responses to “The IMAGINER day 6 of 13”

  1. So encouraging Divine lines 🌷🙏♥️ it is so true that young age very scared to tell I’m
    because my parents, my husband and children with me so I’m alone cannot think also !!
    Then my reality of life parents dismiss, me and husband together my 3 children also
    married and sent, then my husband’s death and now I’m alone feeling this is life 👏♥️
    Our duties all finished honestly and peacefully living 🌷🙏♥️🌷Thanks a lot sharing 👏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for sharing a little of your life … sorry you have gone through this … I hope living peacefully brings much more peace to your mind and soul and heals your heart .. always here for you .. you are such a beautiful light . Healing for strength and peace going out to you ~< sending so much LOVE 🧚❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏


      1. Thank you so much my most loving Divine Friend 🌷🙏❤️🌷yes, very true 🙏
        Sending so much love to you also dear 💕💐🙏

        Liked by 1 person

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