The imaginer day 12

Always keep in mind that material goods are as a child’s toy. When you are a child, a simple child’s toy will amuse you. As you grow in sophistication, a young child’s toy will no longer hold your attention.

Inversely, to continue expanding the mind, the child must have access to more and more complex toys – to stimulate the very growth that leads him to outgrow each one!

This irony could be a parable for your spiritual growth. As you quest to learn that which will enable you to acquire things, that knowledge will make you less interested in those very things! There is no getting around this paradox. As you grow, you outgrow. This is true for your clothing, as your body grows – and it will be true for your interests, as your mind and spirit develop.

Hold this close to your heart: the key to truly making valuable the advanced knowledge you are going to learn can be summed up in one word – Inspiration. Anyone can paint by numbers. An artist shows us something about a scene that we never saw before. It’s truth, it’s essence. That is inspiration.

Inspiration is not limited to painting, however. You are called to have your entire life become an inspiration. That is the path you are on.

Who would like to ask another question?

The oldest of the girls thought she saw a contradiction. “Why then, when you first came to us, did you show us how to manifest the things we would like to have? I mean, if that isn’t the point of learning all this?”

The children saw the hint of a smile, on the face of the shimmering form they had come to call ‘Teacher’.

Can you tell me a better way of grabbing the attention of young ones, than to tell them they can have any wonderful thing they choose?


And, did it work on you?


You know the answer, then!

There is a risk that those who learn how to bring about toys into their life will progress no further, for an extended period. They will eventually progress, however. Everyone will evolve, as they are called.

What they will not realize, until they look deeper, is that what I first taught you is not exactly accurate. I gave you the impression that you could use the force of creation to manifest objects into your life. That is not exactly how it works.

You, who want to know the deeper truths, will now hear how this in actuality comes about.

Did I not have you envision the object of your desire as already belonging to you, or already having taken place?

“Yes,” they all chimed.

“That’s exactly what you said,”

worried a small boy. “You mean it wasn’t true?”

It was true, my boy – it just wasn’t completely accurate! A simplified version of a deeper truth you were not yet ready to understand. In the simplified version, you feel as though you are doing the work. This is never the case. In fact, to go deeper you must relinquish all attempts at working for a result.

Having you picture the outcome as having already happened, put yourself in the present with that desired result. This was the key. The result became ‘in the present’. It is the present that comes to express itself in the material world. What you believe yourself TO BE – not what you believe you can BRING ABOUT.

In a simplistic way, I had you believe you were a person who possessed that object. THAT is what materializes. THAT WHICH YOU BELIEVE YOURSELF TO BE. I cannot impress this on you. enough, my children. Until you can feel present, with complete ease, with that which you seek to find, you will never have it.

It is not what ‘could be’ or what ‘will be’ that ever becomes solid. Only that which you have come to believe IS. Hence, you were taught to start every envisioning with “I AM…” Now you understand why I instructed you so.

Continued tomorrow ………………


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