Do you remember when I taught you that the universe exists in a sea of energy? The ancients called it by many names, through the ages. The Bible referred to it as ‘the water’. In the middle ages, it was known as the ‘Soul of the World’, or the Universal Medium. Today, modern scientists theorize about ‘quanta’. It is all the same.
As an Artist starts with a blank canvas and the medium of paints, the Creator acts on the universal energy field – to manifest objects into the impression of a concrete ‘reality’. The energy field is the medium – not the creation, and not the Creator. It does not take much consideration to realize the amazing power of becoming able to join with the force that influences this matrix, out of which everything that exists is made.
In fact, you join with it every time you contemplate yourself, or contemplate the Universal Force. Why? Because – as you are a small unit of the whole, anytime you contemplate that Universal Force, it is actually contemplating Itself!
Now, contemplating Itself this way was how movement was begun in the sea of energy, to begin with. Imagination of Spirit, acting upon the energy units of the universe, to create solid realities. Without this first focus and movement, nothing of a physical world would exist.
So, then, spend time thinking deeply about being a part of this Spirit. That has you contemplating yourself, and acting upon the concrete world. It is not hard work – you create all around you, all the time, without even being aware of it. When you learn to flow with the energy of the Spirit, it will become effortless.

The hardest part, for children of physical man, is to master denying what their senses would have them believe. You are a slave to your five senses, until you wrestle against them long enough to become their master. They tell you all the reasons why things cannot be. Deny them! Become that which you wish to be, in your imagination and your heart. The purest contact between you and the Spirit flows the easiest, and will have the fastest manifestation in the physical world.
A girl of around thirteen earth years was mature enough to understand that most people are slaves to their senses. “What I don’t know is why people have to be sad, or poor, or angry. Why can’t everyone be happy, while they learn?”
Ah – always looking for reasons! I understand. But, you must come to know this – the greatest value to any situation, and the greatest chance for you to learn from it, is to understand another cornerstone of the results of imagination on the physical world. Namely, this: every single person is expressing, in outward appearance or situation, that which they, deep inside, have recently believed themselves to be.
Their expression tells you who they are, right now. Not who they may be, someday – but where they are on their journey. That is the only reason for things to happen: to express outwardly the current nature of that which is expressing it. Think about this thoroughly. Is that not what will be happening when you have purposefully brought a situation into your life? Will it not be expressing your nature, at that point? The same is just as true for those who are bringing about their lives blindly.

And lastly phew ..

All around you, in the sky, are gold sparks you do not see. You do not see, because you do not know to look. It is that from which everything that is made is made. Sunlight reflects off of it; and one day you will see it for yourself. What is it? Little bursts of the formless, before it forms.
From this your entire life will be created. You will tire of manifesting specific things. Of this, I assure you. But, just the certainty of where you are going will bring you a life of discovery and joy. Play with it. Remind yourself every morning. Say, “Today, I will play.” Forgive those who expect you to behave a certain way, just because everyone else does. They are still asleep. Just smile, and know that one day they will join you!
Does this mean you will never have challenges? No. Do wolves not prey on the sick of a herd, leaving the healthy members? Storms down diseased trees, leaving room for the strong to grow? In the same way, any trial you face will force you to admit to the things and actions that are no longer contributing to your growth. Go back to your waterfall, and wash away this debris. Come out renewed, and ready to continue to play. The journey is yours, and we are waiting for you to join in the celebration.
Consider the following thoughts well: Always continue to learn. Always share what you learn with those who desire to know. Balance your action with stillness. Look around you, now, and see that your character has revealed itself in the clothes of your world. Do you like what you see? If not, change it.
How? Law is law. Freedom is being able to use the law to further your growth. Whatever it is you see around you, that you wish to change, know that it is actually within yourself – and so only by changing yourself will you find happiness. Remember that whatever you would complain about in others, an aspect of is lurking within you. Conquer it, or the pent up energy will destroy the vessel you are in.
If the universal is infinite, it cannot be divided. If it could be divided, it would not be infinite. Therefore, none of us is ever separated. You touch everyone, and everyone touches you.
Look to nature for clues of ways around the Dark Censor. Again, you have only yourself to convince. Study names, study dreams, fear your wish – if it will make it more real. Remember the journey is within, not without. And nothing else can come close.
Now, add to this list of observations with ones of your own.

Jot them down, before you forget them. Look back at them later, and you will see your growth, right there on paper!

Get started today. Let me know how you are doing. Look at each thing you pass, with your new vision – and ask yourself, “What does this really mean?”…



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  1. I will need to read this 10x.

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    1. Gratitude enJOY the full story xx 🧚❤️❤️

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