A simple prayer will do

My dear beloveds , we love you so very much.

For every need on your planet there is a solution. For everyone who has excess there is someone in need. Givers and receivers are matched by God so love can continue to flow unimpeded throughout the universe. So when you are in need of anything, a simple prayer will do… “Dear God, I have a need today for comfort. I have a need for this bill to be paid. I have a desire to meet someone special. I need help arriving to work on time.” And then dear ones, listen to those little urges to take action when they arise, and trust that everything is in right order.

There is never a need to “stress” about how or when things will happen in your life. If you are doing your part, you can trust that they will happen in the perfect time and the perfect way. How do you do your part? We reassure you it is not by over thinking the situation but rather by sitting quietly and asking God, “Guide me… what must I do today for myself to help bring about my solution.” Sometimes the guidance is nothing. Simply be at peace and enjoy your day. Sometimes you will have a thought popping in your mind, or a sudden urge to do something or go somewhere. Suddenly you feel like doing something different than you had planned. Trust this movement. Trust God’s timing. Trust you are in a beautifully orchestrated dance with all of creation.

Suppose on the other hand, you are feeling very blessed right now. You are happy and full. You want to know how you can help and assist the world. Again a simple prayers will suffice. “God let me be your hands, your eyes, your mouth upon this earth. Guide me where you want me to share you love.” And then very much like the receiver, wait until you are impulsed to share, Perhaps you will share a kind word, a hot meal, a bit of money. Perhaps you will share your talents. Perhaps you will sit peacefully and pray for the world. Perhaps your own joy is your gift to humanity. Trust the impulses once again.

You are not so separate from one another as you might think dear ones. You are part of a human race that God attempts to coordinate in a beautiful dance, pairing up givers and receivers, knowing each can both learn and derive joy from the encounter. It is neither better to give or receive. It is beautiful to do both if both are done with love.

God bless you, loving you so very much.

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2 responses to “A simple prayer will do”

  1. Excellent advice/teaching. Much needed today. Thank you. 🕯

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    1. Happy it helped sending LOVE your way wishing you a magical weekend 🧚❤️❤️❤️❤️

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