Feelings are pure energy


your feelings are PURE energy , like rays of sun , that desire expression and expan~ sion ~~ pent up feelings create physical conditions such as fatigue , irritability , and addiction . ____ so make friends with YOUR emotions today . HONOUR  them ALL , even those you feel uncomfortable with , and KNOW that with each one it has a divine reason behind it . Because when you have compassion and respect for your own feelings . Their POWER. Supports you .

Your feelings .   Like all energies . NEED to be dispelled outwardly. otherwise , their akin to steam trapped in a saucepan that gets too hot and wilts the vegetables you,re cooking .

Bring out what’s in your heart through creativity , the means of expression is then secondary to the action ,as long as it brings you JOY , YOUR EMOTIONS  will react strongly to the creative form they want to take …. And the possibilities are infinite , try anything creative that YOUR heart desires

………………… Your thoughts for today ………..

I express my feelings in creative ways , I allow myself to have fun and give myself permission to play . As I joyfully create and relax, I am RE~ charged . RE ~ vitalised . And RE~ juvenated .



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