We hear your prayers

Expecting whatever you really need for your well-being and deep happiness to show up and reveal itself is not ridiculous, it is good and appropriate.  That is how the Universe works, because It Loves you so much.

            Stay alert.  Stay tuned to the waves of Love that carry you and obey when ideas and Divine nudges come.  Be obedient to Good, and Good will pour   around you, because that is the very nature of what It is and how It works.

            Let It work for you by expecting Good.

                                    And Good this day, to you, and yours.  We have heard your prayers.

                                                            Trust us.   on the job.



2 responses to “We hear your prayers”

  1. May you receive the good you deserve! ❤️

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    1. Gratitude to you .. as YOU beautiful light ~ sending LOVE in ALLways 🧚❤️

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