Chorus of angels

No matter the level of their Spiritual Enlightenment, We assure you that no one is alone before, during, or after transition to the next stage of Soul awareness.  In whatever perceptual form that individual could grasp and comprehend, Divine Love is attendant at every moment.

            The sweet Song of Life welcoming each traveler within God’s Infinite Mind helps them continue their fullness of Awakening, as they realize that all contribute to the Expansion of Love, Love, Love and Its expression of Creation.

            If someone near and dear to you has expired from your timeline of earthly life, be comforted that a Harmonious Orchestra has filled their hearing and Tender Sacred Hands have held theirs, as they crossed the lines of perception.

                                                            Joyousness greets them, and carries them on,



One response to “Chorus of angels”

  1. I sure hope so! ❤️ 🧚🏻‍♀️ ❤️


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