Together we CAN change the world

What if we lead with love and refused to stand down?

What if we saw the Light in everyone, without exception; most importantly ourselves?

What if we released the bonds of material hierarchy and instead of chasing the golden dollar we chased enlightenment and illumination?

What if, together as One global consciousness, we woke up and changed the way we see things so radically that it was a catalyst for a collective healing force that came- blazing; immediate and completely transformative for all?

Can you feel it in your heart and soul?

What else is possible here on Gaia?

What could we possibly have come here for?

To take advantage of her; take of her resources without giving back; live only for material gain; damage her beyond repair?

Of course not!

We came to heal. And it is time.

It is time for change.

Ukraine is a prime example when one refuses to stand down , Everyone is watching. Everyone is sending their love and support; in various ways ,this is so powerful and it is a turning point. We must hold space for our warriors who are there. We must envision them standing in the Light, bringing Truth and finding a Way to protect and to heal the planet. It is a step forward in empowering Us instead of being controlled , the greed of only a few individuals. This is the beginning of the Change. The Remembering. The Healing.

You are here for a reason. That is why nothing feels quite enough, nothing fills that void. We may be drawn towards self-soothing through addictions and distractions, but yet through it all we must hear the call; we must wake up from all of this. What we dream we can accomplish. We are more powerful individually than we have been lead to believe.

Together we can change the world.

Together we Will change the world.

Together we will ascend, heal, Love.

Shift your perspective to a dimension where this is possible.

Wake up now.



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