Time is just a human perception

Time is a human perception that is meaningless in metaphysics. So, if you have just had a 24 hour space that seemed more like 3 days to your inner perceptions, or 10 minutes of an uncomfortable chore that seemed like an hour, make note of the mutability of the perception of time. USE it to realize that you CAN endure long and tedious tasks by focusing on beauty or good while you do them. You CAN accomplish in a few minutes a creative solution on a very complex seeming problem, if you call upon the timeless aid of the Infinite. You CAN heal instantaneously from a wound that conventional medicine declared needed 3 weeks to heal. Source /universe is not bound by human notions of time. Join in that knowledge, and free yourself. “I am one with my God-Source, and what God perceives and Knows, I can Know.” Always Loving you, in fast and slow and no-time,



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