There should be no wasted thoughts

There should be no “wasted” thoughts.

Thoughts are energy, and should ALWAYS be seen as the rings in a pond after a stone has been thrown in… they just keep going. 🧚🧚🧚

Imagine yourself as an antennae, broadcasting out to the Universe with every, single thought that goes through your mind. Some thoughts will be whispers, and some will be shouts! When we are always “shouting” out that nothing looks like we want it to in our lives; that everyone else’s lives look better than our own; that we won’t be happy until _; or that we HATE certain individuals or situations in our lives; we trap ourselves in this very reality. Sad, but true.

Finding peace and joy starts with the conviction that no matter what is going on, we can transcend it to find inner peace. It does not mean we are doormats, or that we feel we don’t deserve any more than what we are getting, or that we don’t care what is going on around us. It means that we have the ability to experience the ups and downs without diving into the vortex of overreaction and getting stuck there indefinitely. It means that we can feel compassion, and joy and pain, as they flow through us.

It means that we can let go of old patterns and make room for the new,

knowing that history does not need to repeat itself if we get the lesson the first time.

Keep breathing deeply.

Be mindful of your thoughts.

Know how powerfully creative you are and use this for the highest good.

And miracles will flow to you and through you.


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