You deserve


take a moment to celebrate you!

Know you are THE most loving, kind, intelligent, giving person there is! If you are not believing in this , then you really need to look in the mirror and begin to see this in yourself.

Only you have to power to create this within you and for you.

So take a good look. If you are not liking what you see, then look again.

What is it you are not liking and ask yourself, how do YOU want to change that.

Look at the past as a lesson to be learned. Now what is it you are seeing today?

If you are liking it, is it bright and shiny enough for you?

You see, this is what you should be seeing the very light and brilliance within you.

Yes We know there is much turmoil going on not only within you, but the people around you and within the whole world and universe.

Do not allow what others are going through, good or bad, to influence you. That is their lessons to be learned. You have your own mission in life.

Others are meant to be in your life to help you become stronger and help you learn your lessons. So those that is no longer serving your purpose, let them go to make room for others that will help you serve your purpose for the right NOW!

Now go and celebrate!

How about asking Us for a big Angel hug!

Because yes you do deserve it!!!



4 responses to “You deserve”

  1. Oh yes! I need hugs today!! And here is one for you! ((hugs)) ❤️

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    1. Awwwee caught and a big ))))squeeeezeee(((( back 🧚❤️❤️❤️

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  2. lovely message. Thanks. xo

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