Beings of light

The Clarity with which you will see when you look with the eyes of Love cannot be imagined by human laws, or explained by physical illustrations of the eye.  In fact, you may feel you are better able to see people, to sense the Spiritual Truth of them, with the bodily eyes closed.

Particularly if you are trying to feel extra compassion for one who is behaving rudely, or if you are praying for healing for a body that seems ill to the human senses, try closing the eyes of your face, and asking Spirit to help you See as God Sees, Whole and True. Think of yourself and the one before you, as Beings of Light, and picture all as pulses of Goodness tenderly coming from the One Source.

            With the eyes, as with the other senses of body, they do not serve you well in Spiritual discernment.  Trust the pulse of Love, trust the Life Force of God, trust the uplift of Spirit in the heart.  Close your eyes even now and ask “God, show me my Best Self today.  Guide It. Be my Eyes Divine.”



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