A MASSIVE happy birthday to our lil legs ( Archie ) today … 15 years . A lot of reiki and he keeps on going .. 😀. And a few joint supplements ,although things are slowing he does very well .. his hearing and eyesight now is waning too but otherwise he eats . He sleeps . He plays and is a very happy lil soul 🎂❤️❤️❤️.

Watch “Forever Archie” on Vimeo: ‪‬


7 responses to “Archie”

    1. Absolutely .. we have had him since he was 8 weeks old .. his pedigree name is jock from the loch but my daughter didn’t like the name jock and named him Archie .. although I always said jock suited him .. he’s a lil grumpy these days and stubborn in nature .. we also have a King Charles who is 6 later this year and full of energy which keeps Archie motivated .. although everything is slowly going with him and on borrowed time we know but we have loved every minute of him throughout years .. he’s a funny character 😀❤️

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      1. Dogs are amazing, we have a Schnauzer

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        1. Awwe I have friends here who have 3 of them .. they too are a character and gorgeous .. they keep us on feet 😀❤️

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          1. They sure do, ours is ageing so debating a puppy as we speak 🙂

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            1. Our King Charles was the best we did and keeps them motivated .. whatever you decide I will be the best decision Ime sure .. for you .. now our family have all flew the nest and spread out all over into different city’s we have decided when time is right not to get any more .. we can then travel more without worrying who will look after them .. our King Charles who has bonded more with me is the most beautiful loving lap dog always wanting cuddles and very needy but unfortunately he doesn’t like children or other dogs other than Archie who he has been brought up with . Everywhere we go with him we have to check the way is deserted first before letting off lead .. as soon as anyone comes near he goes back on lead . This restricts family from bringing grandchildren here so we visit them without him whilst someone looks after him here .. he is very over protective but adorable too x

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              1. Ah, yes, I understand those issues well, Our family are spread a little but willing to care for Vienna.

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