Your body is made of light

Beautiful lights ,

Timelessly, Spirit sees the human stories come and go, and knows the end of every one of them. But God’s Soul is the projection room from which shines the Light that forms the images of individual ideas that never leave the sweet Home of God’s Mind. 🧚🧚🧚 The Truth of you is that idea in Soul, and even while you are walking your story, you can call upon the Good that God knows of you. Heaven is in your heart and Consciousness right now. You do not need to wait for a gravestone to access God’s Love. 🧚🧚🧚 Your body is made of Light. Ask for source to adjust the focus, and tenderly See yourself whole and true.


One response to “Your body is made of light”

  1. Your words are like a soft gentle touch. 🧚

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