Angel whispers for July 2022


Look in the mirror ; who faces you on the other side .

Examine the polarity of the male and female within yourself . Explore your divine feminine and masculine aspects .. look for the gifts you bring with each and explore the natural lines of force and growth they create and ,remember . Remember ,remember ,that you are familiar with self love and self respect . These may be something you have fallen behind on . Either way . The month of July is time to get back on track . Keep yourself maintained in ALLways . Big and small . This could be taking a luxurious bath or putting on a rose water face mask or getting out your planner so you can sort your life out before it gets too out of control ,

Celebrate right now that you CAN repair cracks in the very foundation of your life effortlessly . As well as do a general site check to ensure that what you have prepared before today is well supported . This shows you are building your life on a perfect and sound foundation that will allow to welcome the many miracles waiting to come to visit .. ( we on this side are so happy and intrigued for you )

The stars are constantly showering emanations into the crystal grid of the earth , when things are in balance the planet also sends information back up to the stars , many starseeds have come to earth at this time to help shift the planet vibrationally . To activate the ancient codes of wisdom that humanity has forgotten and all that information is stored in the crystal grids . If this message reasonates strongly with you , you may be interested in a practise called

Star bathing ,, Download a star bathing meditation at

It may mean your light body ( the energy body in its highest form) is being activated . If this reasonates . Take things extra slow in order to integrate this change in vibration .

Starseeds activation .

Place your hand on heart and whisper the following

I open myself up to receiving the wisdom of the crystalline grid beneath me , may the stars and the earth inform and heal me and as they do . May it heal the earth too.

You are ready to live your life from the wisdom of your heart .. you may already have been seeing 11:11. As a reflection of this . If not , you can expect to be receiving this sign soon . You may see it on a clock . A phone number , a receipt or in a dream or even the car you just happen to glance at passing by . With this wisdom fresh ideas will flow into your head as new ways to live your life . No One else has to change their ways – only you . Live from your heart . Be an inspiration and discover a whole new world . Some call 11.:11 an awakening code . You must have have awoken on some level to receive it . It is a sign that you are much more than you think you are . 11:11 has so many different explanations because we are all asking different questions on different journeys but there really is no right or wrong but at the heart off 11:11 is a loving . Intelligent energy that will always encourage you towards your soul where you WILL remember the TRUTH of YOU ,


Do this meditation when you see 11:11 . It is designed to unite the perceptions of the mind with the feelings of the heart so the fullness of 11:11s message can be revealed .

Place your hand on heart . Close your eyes and slow your breathing . In your minds eye . See or feel empowering blue light embracing you and flowing through your breath ., blue light clears the way for full communication with your senses .. now think about what was going through your mind just before you saw 11:11 .. what thoughts were you thinking ?
Be honest with yourself . The small and mundane are just as important as the obvious . When you have identified the thoughts , turn them into a colour , NOW. What were you feeling just before you saw 11:11 . What sensations were moving through your body ? When you have identified your feelings then imagine they become a colour different to your thinking colour . See both of your colors side by side and bring them together to create a new colour . Your new colour shimmers with your truth . It grows to embrace you , breathe it in and let it fill you . Now . Take notice of the first thing that comes into your awareness as this will be a symbolic form of your answer . It may be a word . Phrase ,person , symbol or another colour . An answer is forming and will drop into your thoughts . Now or later . Take a deep breath in and as you exhale open your eyes and KNOW you are wise .


If depth is what you seek, moonstone is the ideal stone for you. In our crazy world of constant visual stimulation, c/o binge watching political dramas, Kimojis, and compulsive ‘gramming, it’s easy to forget to look up, feel up, and be up. Like, up in the night sky, where we can rely on one thing to be calmly rising and falling, fading in, fading out, day after day, month after month.

The moon is crazy powerful, pushing and pulling the biggest things on the planet (the five deep oceans) and pushing and pulling you (and your moods), too. Get yourself on its rhythm, or forever be frazzled. Finding it’s that time? Bring on moonstone.

✽ⓁⓞⓥⓔIn Lakech Ala Kìn WE ARE ALL ONE ۞ॐ I Am. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. OMॐ Namaste¨*.¸.•*¨*.¸¸.•*¨*•(¯v´¯) (¯v´¯) (¯`v´¯)❤️❤️❤️
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