Change your thought

Affirmations can be powerful tools to retrain your brain, your attitude and your trajectory in life.

🧚❤️ Fake it til you make it basically means start saying the things your subconscious needs to hear in order to create something new… even when it sounds ridiculous to your conscious, ego mind. Do not stop until it becomes second nature. This practice combines mindfulness with positivity and it will help you get from where you are currently to where you need to be.

🧚❤️ When we use positive affirmations we help to create new neural pathways in our brains. Where something was shut tightly against possibility, it can open to embrace new possibility. Instead of replaying the past, we invite the future to look completely different. If the emotions do not come easily, keep working at it until they do!

🧚❤️ You can even say your affirmations out loud, in your car on the way to work, in the shower or on a walk in the forest. Whisper them at night before you go to sleep. Write them down, accessing the power of the written word.

🧚❤️ Create an altar, collage or vision board, or place words and pictures that have special meaning to you in your God Box.

🧚❤️. Basically, do everything you can to invite your dreams into the physical realm by making space for them in your internal reality. Try to see the world differently than you currently do and make different choices than you normally would every chance you get.

🧚❤️ Mindfully. Presently. With intention.

Change your thoughts, change your reality.

It’s not a cliche, it’s the truth.



3 responses to “Change your thought”

  1. I agree! These affirmations really work. ❤

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    1. Absolutely agree I use all the time and everything comes to fruition at the right time 🧚❤️❤️❤️

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      1. It does! That’s a good observation that many people don’t recognize. ❤️

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