Archangels of colour

Although you can individually connect with each Archangel whenever you require you may also connect with all 7 of them at once if you feel in need of extra angelic guidance and protection .
This can be particularly helpful when life seems to be bearing down on you and can be carried out quickly .
Simply state out loud or silently .
: Archangels of colour please be with me during my time of need to bring me your love . Protection . Guidance and healing energy to assist me in moving forward and away from all negativity . I thank you for listening to me in this time of need and I welcome the guidance that you bring me .
Then . Visualise a bright and powerful RAINBOW of blue . Green . Yellow . Pink . Gold and violet . Surrounding and overlighting you and then a bright white Ray of light emerging from this rainbow and entering your body through your head and travelling down to your feet and out into the earth . Feel this infusion of rainbow colours easing your mind , body , and soul . And bringing the guidance . Peace . Protection . And healing that you deserve . Release any fears and negativity into the earth and feel the warmth of your angels as they wrap their wings around you ✨✨✨❤️


3 responses to “Archangels of colour”

  1. How can I send healing to a family member in another country?

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    1. You can send healing to anyone in the world << I have a few ways but to keep it simple put your hands together then very slowly open your hands apart but imagine you are holding a ball of light and roll that ball between your hands slowly let your hands grow further apart whilst rolling this ball of energy .. you should start to feel the energy if you slowly start to push your hands together they should be a slight push .. when you have let this call of light get as big as you want imagine green healing light inside of this ball .. if you are attuned to reiki put the symbols in .. if not it doesn’t matter just KNOW this works .. imagine archangel Raphael the healing archangel inside and pop the persons name you are sending too . Imagine a pink glow going around it for love and just state

      Please send this energy healing ball to ***** whoever sending too .. for highest good ..

      Then throw this ball up to the universe where it will then be sent through time and space to the right person … know it will get there .. if the person you have sent it too doesn’t need it all the rest goes to mother Gaia so nothing is wasted … sounds crazy . But trust it .. it’s powerful xx

      Namaste beautiful light 🙏🧚❤️

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      1. Thank you!! 🕯🧚❤️

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