Fresh eyes

Sometimes daily routines can blur your ability to notice the fine details of your world , yet. Those little things are what makes life fun and meaningful . One way to re_ awaken your sensitivity is to imagine that your seeing everything through someone else eyes . 
Today … Imagine how cool that is for a person who is brand new to your life is walking by your side . This person is entirely loving , so you needn’t worry about Being judged ___ yet it’s interesting to imagine how he or she would judge your day . This may shed some light on some unconscious routines that are no longer serving their purpose .

This may make you decide to make some improvements after seeing your world in this new way .

You,ll also probably feel grateful for how blessed you are to have such amaaaazinng friends and family in your life . You,ll have more appreciation for all the gifts that you have after seeing them with fresh eyes . VIOLA ✨✨✨✨✨❤️

One response to “Fresh eyes”

  1. What an interesting way to view one’s day! I’ll try it!

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