Humans love proof

We humans love proof. We love to have things tangible, real, and solid; right there in front of us so we can use our physical senses to see, feel, hear, touch and taste it. Otherwise we are skeptical. We are not easy to convince when there is no actual proof.
This message is to show us how important a role faith plays in our manifestation abilities. Trusting in ourselves, the Divine, the Universe and the Law of Attraction. This Faith will yield proof, but it must come first. This is the ultimate test of our belief in Source power; which is, in it’s very essence, simply love.
If you can believe whole-heartedly; without fear and doubt getting in the way and blocking you… in the power offered to us by the Universe; in every moment of our existence; in the form of Unconditional love; then anything and everything you can dream up is a possibility. It really is that simple.
It requires an expansion of your awareness; an acknowledgement of the infinite possibility and abundance of the Universe. It also requires us to see this Divinity in ourselves. We can be whatever we wish to create in our lives. We can dissolve the limitations we have set on ourselves by saturating them in love, faith and trust. We can know deep in our hearts that we are being taken care of, that life is not scary, the fear lives within us only, and we can learn to spread our wings and fly above all the problems we thought we had. We can separate from the drama and stop getting dragged down into other people’s density.


I know this is possible.

I believe in myself.




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