The past and illusions

Maybe, just maybe, you are in the midst of being tested.

Will you throw in the towel? Give up and move on? 🧚

Or will you persevere? Is what you want important enough to you to keep it in the forefront of your focus? 🧚

Are you willing to give it all you’ve got in order to get there? Do you believe in yourself? Do you feel worthy? Are you taking action every day in some way, big or small to get where you need to go?🧚

Do you remember why you wanted to get there? What was it about your desire that inspired you to follow your heart in the first place?🧚

Faith is your life raft right now. It is what will take you to the next level of being. Faith will open doors for you. Faith will provide.🧚

Things may not be turning out quite the way you wanted or expected. Maybe you are getting tired, maybe it seems like too much work, or that you have too many obstacles or challenges in your way. But things are just about to turn around. Have Faith.🧚

The Goddess Kuan Yin is beside you. She is supporting you. She is embracing you, lifting you up. She sees you. She believes in you. Have faith that she will assist you in this next step of your journey.🧚

You are on the right path. See your own Divinity. See your beauty and Light. 🧚

See past the illusions and go forward fearlessly.🧚

Do not give up now.🧚


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