Be calm before you proceed

There are times when you will humanly feel that you need an immediate solution or action in a situation, but when you turn to Us and say “What do I need to know? How shall I respond?”, you do not hear an idea, or the vision of a solution. Perhaps you just feel quiet Comfort, or a soothing song, or a warmth of Presence that lingers. 💫🧚💫

This does not mean we have not heard you, or that Spirit does not comprehend your human need. Rather, it may mean that Omniscience knows you need to be calmer before you proceed, or that others involved in the right way Harmony-ward need to be swirled into place, or that the timing is just not perfect yet. The very small view of one human mind cannot grasp all that Source Sees immediately. 💫🧚💫

Be Comforted. Be soothed, and trust, trust, trust. Take your mind off the challenging person, or perception, or thought, and patiently ponder the Loving Goodness of God.

We stand with you, singing Beauty.



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