Be a helping force

In the same way that you pull your vehicle to the side of the road to let an emergency get quickly by you on its way to help somebody, be ready to set aside your own small concerns when you clearly hear or feel the “siren” of instructions in your heart.

            When the “still small Divine Voice” becomes an urgent feeling in your thoughts that you should call someone, or pay for a person’s groceries, or pray right away for Love’s protection and Guidance for a family member, or join in a group effort to fulfill a community need, then quickly put away your personal routine plans and ACT on what we ask of you.  It makes a huge difference in the timing of the full Harmony of Life.  Do it.  Learn to Listen to the Voice and cleanly and swiftly obey.

            We assure you that you do not realize how often you yourself have been aided or saved by another using your intuition and neither can your human perspective see the final results of your own obediences to Divine Spirit.  But they are Good, Good, Good.

            Be a helping force of Good.  Listen to God impulses in the heart, and be an “ambulance” for the Loving Soul of Life.



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