☆•°”˜˜”°•☆ ☆•°”˜˜”°•☆ ANGEL WHISPERS FOR MONTH OF NOVEMBER 2022 ☆•°”˜˜”°•☆ ☆•°”˜˜”°•☆

Beautiful lights .

As spirit draws through they cannot stress enough that all on the other side have one huge important message to declare .. LOVE is the answer to absolutely literally EVERYTHING .. we don’t mean romantic love or erotic love , although they are wonderful , but something above and beyond that .

☆•°”˜˜”°•☆ ☆•°”˜˜”°•☆

Everything alive in the world was first created by love . Spirit sends love to animate life and birth it into existence . Love is without conditions and it is based in reverence and a fierce and joyful respect for life . Love thrives when you focus on it . And we want you to turn away from anything that causes it to wane .

☆•°”˜˜”°•☆ ☆•°”˜˜”°•☆

Love is when you no longer see yourself as :other: Separate from . Better or less then . Ect . When you act as love you give permission to the world to thrive and grow as it will .

Can you let go of what is NOT love and ask , what would love do ,? Love is waiting for you always and forever ..

☆•°”˜˜”°•☆ ☆•°”˜˜”°•☆

Like wise if a thought does not give you joy then search for one that does . Thank that thought for showing you where you don’t feel joyful and then reach for a pleasing thought .. you can empower yourself by choosing joyful thoughts . You will disempower yourself by choosing sad thoughts . What will you choose ?.

☆•°”˜˜”°•☆ ☆•°”˜˜”°•☆

There is almost always something to make you feel at ease in every situation —it is up to you to find that . Try reaching for that joyous thought right now .. look around your house at what gives you joy . If you can’t find it outside go within and CREATE inner joy . It is not always the easiest thing to do , however it is one of the most worthwhile things you can do for your physical and mental well-being

☆•°”˜˜”°•☆ ☆•°”˜˜”°•☆

Expect this month too to be seeing 11.11 … of course it’s the 11th month of the year . Bring the wisdom of your heart in .. you may notice this on a clock . A phone number . A receipt or in a dream . With this wisdom fresh ideas will flow into your mind as new ways to live . No one else has to change their ways . Only you . Live from your heart . BE an inspiration and discover a new world . Some call 11.11 an awakening code . You must of awoken on some level to receive it . It is a sign that you are much more than you think you are . 11.11 has many different explanations because we are all asking different questions . There is no right or wrong but at the heart of 11.11 is a loving . Intelligent energy that will always encourage you towards your soul where you will remember the TRUTH of YOU ..

☆•°”˜˜”°•☆ ☆•°”˜˜”°•☆

the stars are constantly showering emanations onto the crystalline grid on the earth . When things are in balance the planet also sends information back up to the stars . Many starseeds have come to earth at this time to help shift the planet vibrationally .. to activate the ancient codes of wisdom that humanity has forgotten . And all of that information is stored in the crystal grid .. if you are reading this you may have being called to begin working with the stars and the crystalline grid of the earth . Some people believe that the crystalline grid of the earth anchors divine cosmic frequencies onto the planet , You may of been guided to journeys as I have to particular places on earth to unlock these cosmic codes with your presence .. or to star bathe . Take note if you are reading this you’re here to connect with the crystalline grid of the earth either in your hometown or by travelling to other places without quite knowing why . It also can mean that your light body ( the energy body in its highest form ) is being activated . If this reasonates take things extra slow in order to integrate the change of vibration .

There is lots on utube on star bathing

For activation

Place you hand on heart and whisper the following

I open myself up to receiving the wisdom of the crystalline grid beneath me , may the stars and the earth inform and heal me , and as they do , may it heal Mother Earth too .

☆•°”˜˜”°•☆ ☆•°”˜˜”°•☆
I over the years in dream state have received downloads of coding or healing transmissions . Whilst these come rushing towards me the experience is blissful and with the sense of the unfathomable . When I wake the information makes no sense at all but as conscouis awareness evolves I find the universe is trying to tell us all something through these codes or as come to know as light language

We are being reminded here of words can mean different things to different people . They are like spells so be conscious of what you say . Listen carefully to what people say without interrupting .. you are always rewarded .. bring a sense of freedom to a situation . Consider what freedom looks like to you in the bigger picture of your life . You can make that change ..


Labradorite illuminates the sense of wonder—that way-less-jaded sensation of being tuned into spirit, nature, and rhythm—that gets lost in the fast-paced, broadband melee of modern life. On the short list of “let’s get weird” stones, Labradorite encourages an intense connection to the spirit world. ESP, astral projection, and séances . Get on board. Plus, aligning with the synchronicities of the universe is way more fun than speaking poorly of your sisters under a bottle of overpriced Sancerre.

Roald Dahl, one in possession of a most magical mind, wrote, “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” Remember: The biggest impediment to your spiritual growth is probably your own judgmental inclinations. Labradorite helps you focus solely on doing you. The last thing you need is to get anybody else on board with your crazy .. Your magic is your magic. Protect it with Labradorite

✽Ⓛⓞⓥⓔ�In Lakech Ala Kìn WE ARE ALL ONE ۞�ॐ I Am. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. OM�ॐ Namaste�¨*.¸.•*¨*.¸¸.•*¨*•�(¯v´¯) (¯v´¯) (¯`v´¯)❤️❤️❤️
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