Illusions are dissolving

As we come together we can see things from a different perspective.

We feel as if we are experiencing things as a whole, as each of us face struggle, we feel it in our hearts. We experience the pain and the suffering together and we reach out with our hearts to assist in the healing, the putting back together. 🧚❤️🧚

It is more powerful than they would have you believe.
We focus on loving those around us. We focus on assisting; in being of service. We give of ourselves because we want to, not because we have to. It just feels like the right thing to do. 🧚❤️🧚

We have the chance and the choice to rise above this. To create something better.

To come together as One and dismantle the old belief systems. To create something brand new. Fear will no longer hold us hostage as it is trying so hard to do. Love will win the battle as it is winning in your hearts now. 🧚❤️🧚

Illusions are dissolving.

We are waking up.

And it is happening exactly as it is meant to.

We are right on track.

And so it is.


One response to “Illusions are dissolving”

  1. Dismantling for years now. Thank you.

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